Useful In A War

from by Gregory Hoskins



I am yours to do your bidding

It’s been this way since the beginning

Now my hair is grey and thinning

Do you need me anymore?

I have watched the burning skies

Through a coward’s eyes
Ignored the battle cries

That are right outside my door.
Stumbled drunk through love and joy

Far too long the mannish boy

But I’m ready to deploy

Make me useful in a war.

Make me useful, useful,
You don't have to tell me what side I'm fighting for.

Purify my ambition

Sanctify my secret mission

Make me Black Ops, cut the cord

Deny that I was even in the war.

Take my head out of the heavens

Take my hands and make them weapons

Hold me to the oath I swore

Make me useful in a war.

Make me deaf to my own voice

I wont question any choice

Coming down from the Commodore

Make me useful in a war.

Throw me in the line of fire

Make me climb the razor wire

Until my flesh is torn

Make me useful in a war.

Take my fear and give it edges

Make me dance out on the ledges

Make me hungry (humble), make me poor

Make me useful in a war.


from Vain + Alone, released February 26, 2017
Written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Gregory Hoskins



all rights reserved


Gregory Hoskins Toronto, Ontario

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